Friday, January 13, 2017

Genius Day

Thanks to our awesome school community members who met our PTA's ambitious $10,000 fundraising goal this year, next Friday, January 20 will be Genius Day at Carroll Leadership in Technology Magnet Middle School. Whoooooohooooo! This exciting occasion has afforded our creative and enthusiastic teachers the privilege of dreaming up a course beyond their typically assigned instructional responsibilities. Our students are thrilled to have the voice and choice to select 3 new and exciting course offerings for a fun-filled day of learning. Based on the results of our monthlong leadership challenge, our 7th graders had first dibs in the registration process today. Our 6th graders will register on Tuesday, followed by our 8th grade students on Wednesday. I cannot wait to enjoy what is sure to be a highly engaging learning experience with our school family! 

Check out our Genius Day course offerings:

Session Title & Location
Session Description
Fun Fitness Activities
Cougar Leaders will have the opportunities to participate in Fitness stations. Stations will include exercises in cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility.
Focus will be toward students who want to get their workout on!
Wilderness Survival
Room 1710
Teach students different basic methods of wilderness survival and survival preparedness.
Geometric Sculpture Construction
Room 1409
Using polygons, construct your own polyhedron. You are only limited by your imagination.
Sports Management
Room 1216
Do you enjoy sports? Do you want a career in sports other than being an athlete? A sports career is big business with lots of challenging and exciting opportunities with professional sports franchises. Whether it's marketing or operations, the business side of sports can be a very rewarding.
Parabolic Curve Art
Room 1408
One of the most basic and versatile configurations is the Parabolic Curve line design. The basic principle of this design is the creation of curved shapes from the intersection of straight lines.
Mindful Jars
Room 1411
Mini lesson on mindfulness and self awareness through the creation of glitter jars.
Brain Food
Room 2703
We will do a variety of word puzzles to get our brain going.
Learning to Play Role Playing Games
Room 1401
Students will learn to play and run a simple role playing game. This game will take students on adventures, let them play fun characters and learn to problem solve social simulations.
Custom Workout Plan
Room 1406
Students will identify a specific muscle group and create a custom workout plan for them to use.
LittleBits and M&Ms
Room 1415
Station 1: littleBits Electronics
Explore circuits through littleBits electronics by approaching 7 design challenges.
Station 2: M&M Statistics
Adventure through the scientific method of testing your hypothesis to determine which color M&M appears the most in a bag of M&Ms.
You choose. You ask. You just may receive.
Room 1707
Let's get some stuff for school...FOR REAL...Think outside the box. What do you want? Why?
Introduction to Barre Exercise
Room 1716
Would you like to learn how ballet, pilates and yoga inspired movements can give you an extremely efficient workout? Would you like to participate in a low impact exercise that will raise your heart rate, increase strength, and improve mind-body concentration? If so, please sign up for Introduction to Barre Exercise with Ms Edwards. All fitness levels can participate. No materials required, just wear comfy clothes. If you have a yoga or exercise mat, please bring it too!
Fossil Making
Room 1407
Students will create replica fossils using plaster and molds.  Students can paint the fossils when dry.
Theatre - Informed Improv Performance!
Create and perform a short scene using bits of script, improvisation and images!  Every scene will be unique as it is created, on site, by the students.  This  will be a zany, fun and high energy event!  =)
"Dead Fish" Story Beginnings
Room 1412
I hate Dead Fish Handshakes. It’s that thing when you offer a handshake and the other person returns a grip that is more like a lifeless fish flopping in your hand. But I hate “dead fish” beginnings even more. You know, when you’re bored to tears by the first few pages of a book? Not anymore. Bring a story to work on, or be ready to write a new one!
Room 2706
Have you ever seen those awesome signs or posters written in beautiful calligraphy? You can learn to write calligraphy, too! Take this class to create your very own handmade calligraphy poster with a special phrase or quote.
Yoga for Beginners
Room 1410
Mastering your mind and body can have significant positive effects on your life at home and at school. Come learn the basics of yoga and meditation so you can find that peaceful self-control. Also beneficial for building core strength in athletes. Wear comfortable clothing and bring yoga mat if you have one.
Train Like A Roman Gladiator
Room 2710
Students will view an introductory video of ancient Roman gladiators training and competing.  Challenge:  Train like a gladiator.  Students will work through a basic Camp Gladiator workout.
Great American Entrepreneurs
Room 1808
This class will discuss some of the most relevant entrepreneurs in American history and how they helped to shape the world and change history.
Building Apps
Room 1806
In this class you will have the opportunity to build your very own application and see what taking Computer Science 1 is all about!
How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse
Room 1414
This lesson asks students to think about the nature of fear and teaches them about the different types of zombies they may encounter. Students will also learn some basic survival skills, estimate spread of potential zombie causing agents in NC, and how to use geography and nature to increase their survival chances.
Creating MATH cartoons
Room 1702
This project will allow students to create a comic strip that demonstrates or explains a mathematical technique or concept.
Make a Rainbow in a glass!
Room 1701
Using our knowledge of density, we will make a beautiful rainbow in the lab!
Event Planning
Room 2025
Students will learn about logistics involved with planning an event and evaluating  cost/benefit analysis, using systems of equations.
Sports in American History
Room 1223
Students will connect the growth of sports in American culture and how many sports events, teams, and players have shaped our nation's history.
Operation Gratitude - Write a letter to a Soldier
Room 2705
Operation Gratitude is a Non-Profit who sends care packages to military service members overseas. They ask for teachers to have students write personal handwritten letters to include in the packages to show our gratitude for their service.
LED Circuits
Room 1416
Are you interested in circuits and electricity? Have you ever used a soldering gun before? No? That is okay you can learn today!  We will be making LED circuit and a battery tester that you can take home.
Interactive Logic Puzzles
Room 1215
Logic Problems come in a variety of forms, and have been fascinating mankind for countless centuries.  The three basic forms include classic logic problems, visual logic puzzles, and the newest and most difficult of the triad, lateral thinking.
Forensic Chemistry and Toxicology
Room 2709
Explore a brief history of forensic chemistry and toxicology and take part in hands-on fingerprinting and DNA extraction activities.
Assembly Line and Mass Production
Room 1614
Build a product to be sold using mass production that incorporates the assembly line. At the end of the period each student should be able to take home a finished product.
Real Care Babies
Room 1602
Have you ever spent extra time trying to figure out why a baby would not stop crying? How about those times when you had to feed the baby? Spend time today understanding basic child care.
Music Appreciation with Mr. Turner
Room 1717
Have your musical horizons expanded by exploring music in all of its many varieties! Find something new you might love!
Room 2704
Learn how to use critical thinking skills to play checkers.
Music Games
Room 1508
Students will play music games to heighten student's aural perceptions of the characteristic sounds produced by many familiar musical instruments.  Students will also play motivational games to sharpen and focus listening skills while recognizing and identifying the basic components of melody.
Introduction to Fiber Art
Room 1616
SPECIAL NOTE: If you choose this class, you must attend all day!
Learn the basics of working in Fiber Art! Students will experiment with basic techniques of hand stitching, embroidery, fabric dyeing, screen printing, and digital fabric design.  When the day is done, you will walk away with a unique fabric collage that you designed yourself!
Introduction to modern dance
Room 2707
Interested in expressing yourself through movement? Come for a basic introduction to modern dance. We will explore dance history, technique, flexibility and strength exercises, and share opportunities for continuing dance education in the Raleigh area.  
Plan Your Dream International Vacation
Room 1717
Come join us in planning your dream international vacation! Where will you go? How much will it cost? Do you need a passport? What immunizations will you need? Answer these questions and a whole lot more as you plan and prepare the vacation of your dreams!
Pep/Community Band
Room 1501
Play an instrument?!?  Let's come together and learn fun songs for the Carroll Community Band!
Owl Pellet Dissection Lab
Room 1220
Are you a fan of wildlife?  Would you like hands on experience with animal identification? If so, this is the lab experience for you!  Come join me as we explore the inner workings of owls...
Movie Plots
Room 1714
Come join us for an exploration of movie plots. We will be examining different movie genres and developing a plot for our own movie.
Room 1222
The situations in these starters should be fairly easy for beginning improvisers to put themselves into. Each character has a motivation, what that person wants in the scene. The actors should decide the "why" behind their desire before they start the scene. This will help them to keep focused during the improvisation. The specifics of the scenes can either be determined ahead of time, or they could be made up during the improv.
Songwriting & Audio/Visual Production
Room 1214
Are you the next songwriter?  Do you love music?  Do you get in trouble for drumming all the time?  Explore your love of music!  Sign up for Audio/Visual Production!
Comic Strip Creation
Room 2708
You will be creating comic strips using a toondoo template or other cartoon application to create a comic strip to demonstrate who you are, what your interests are or step by step instructions explaining how to do something you are really good at.
Chinese Brush Painting / Calligraphy
Room 1712
Come learn how to create Chinese brush painting/calligraphy.
5 Tips for Filming Interviews
Room 1703
This lesson will teach students how to properly set up an interview on camera and ensure the best results. It will highlight concepts such as depth of field, the rule of thirds, and using light sources.

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