Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Good morning, Cougar Carpoolers! I can hear the sighs from the other side of this email. Carpool is not typically a popular topic.
At Carroll, we realize that our parents have obligations beyond transporting children to and from school. We live in a fast paced world and our schedules are chaotic at best. This is the reason that we are working diligently to establish clear procedures that support a safe and efficient carpool process. We are here to serve you.
When members of our school community follow carpool guidelines, the process runs smoothly and wait times decrease significantly. Conversely, when families choose to ignore communicated procedures, traffic patterns are disrupted, walking traffic slows the flow of vehicles, and wait times increase. 
As a friendly reminder, all vehicles must enter our carpool by way of a right-hand turn off of Rowan. Left-hand turns are not permitted. Once on our campus, vehicles must fill up both lanes that run parallel to Rowan. This alleviates congestion throughout our neighboring streets. At the turn leading down to the sidewalk, vehicles merge to create a single line along our sidewalk, which marks our drop-off zone for students. Vehicles must pull as far forward as possible to expedite the drop-off and pick-up process. 
Dropping students off on Rowan, Camelot, neighboring streets, or the bank parking lot is not permitted. 
Thank you so much for your continuing support.

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